At Blaise Alexander Kia we don’t just sell you a new car. We also help you take great care of it at our Kia service center! Your 2020 Kia Forte occasionally needs help to stay in top shape, and our mechanics are ready to assist you whenever you’re in need of some routine maintenance. One of the most important parts of your vehicle are your tires, and our technicians are equipped to handle all sorts of tire service.

Kia Tire Service

Your tires offer traction, helping you drive safely even when the weather or road gets rough, so you want to make sure they can last as long as possible. Our trained mechanics can help.
Tire service covers a variety of maintenance tasks. Obviously, we can fix dam7age, like leaks, and get your tires back into top shape after any incident. We’ll also check your tread depth, to see if your car offers enough traction to keep you safe and secure on the road. Other services can help your tires last a bit longer. Tire rotations shift the position of each tire around. In a front-wheel-drive car, the front tires are subjected to a bit more wear and tear. Changing the positions of the tires gives the fresher tires a chance to do more work, extending the lifespan of all four of your tires. Then when you finally do need replacements, we have the quality tires and official Kia parts you need.

So if you’re in Sunbury, PA and wondering “Where can I find a reliable Kia service center near me?”, your search is over. Visit our skilled Kia service team today and see how getting the tire service and routine maintenance that you need can be simple and stress-free. We hope to see you soon!