Tires are designed to provide consistent performance throughout their lifetimes, but even with the right tire care, tires have a limited lifespan. Practicing proper tire care is essential to ensuring your car is safe and healthy.

Common tire problems include under-inflated tires and low tire tread. Under-inflated tires have a negative effect on handling and fuel economy. When you have the right amount of tire inflation, your vehicle has the best possible contact with the road. Properly inflated tires also provide improved fuel economy, increased handling, and more responsive braking.

Low tire tread is another common issue. You may have heard of the “penny test”. Place a penny between the tread ribs of your tire with Lincoln’s head pointed down. If you can see his entire head, it may be time for new tires.

To spot these issues, we recommend checking your tire pressure monthly, have your tires rotated regularly, and to have an overall vehicle maintenance check-up to check the health of your Kia parts.

When the time comes to schedule your next maintenance appointment, trust the experts at Blaise Alexander Kia. No one knows how to care for your vehicle better than our factory-trained technicians. The tire specialists at our Kia service center will provide an extensive tire evaluation and will help select new tires if needed. From touring tires for your Kia SUV to all-season tires for your Kia car, we have you covered. All of our tires are competitively priced and we regularly offer tire specials, like rebates and discounts.

If you would like to schedule your vehicle for a maintenance appointment or tire check-up, please visit your Kia dealership near me in Williamsport, PA. It is easy to schedule an appointment online or simply give us a call at 844-338-9030.