At Blaise Alexander Kia we want to make every part of the car-shopping process simpler. That includes the handling of your current vehicle. Instead of selling it on your own, potentially wasting time with buyers who won’t commit or worrying about being scammed, just trade it in at our Kia dealership! You’ll be able to put its value towards a brand new vehicle like the 2020 Kia Optima in no time!

Trading in your car is simple. Just bring it to our Kia dealership serving Muncy, PA along with the proper paperwork that shows you’re the current owner. That means that you need the title, along with any loan documents if your current vehicle is still being financed. If you have the owner’s manual, that’s appreciated as well. Just make sure that you clean your car beforehand, especially the inside, and grab all of your personal belongings. Check under the seats and in that glove box to make sure that you’re not leaving anything behind.

Your trade-in can potentially make up a big chunk of your down payment, reducing your loan and interest payments. We even make it easy to see how much your current car could be worth with one of our Kia financing tools. Just enter your car’s information, like model year and mileage, and get an approximate idea of how much you could get in return for your trade-in. This can help you budget for that new Kia car that you’ve had your eye on.

Trading in your car at our Kia dealership couldn’t be easier, so what are you waiting for? Talk to our Kia dealers today and get ready to drive away in that new Kia car or crossover you’ve had your eye on!